Chipotle Sauce
Our favorite sauce! A blend smoked dried jalapenos, honey and lime juice. Versatile and delicious, enjoy it on everything from grilled meats to scrambled eggs. Taste tested and approved by The B.B.Q. Sauce of the Month Club.
13 ounce bottle.
$6.95 SOLD OUT $0.00
Chipotle Mayonnaise
Our Chipotle mayonnaise, based on our original Chipotle Sauce, made famous in our Southwestern Chicken Melt, use as you would mayonnaise and more.
12 ounce jar.
$5.95 SOLD OUT $0.00
Fire in the Hive Barbeque Sauce
A barbeque sauce not for the faint of heart! A delicious blend including smoky chipolte peppers and honey, made in the Kansas City style. Taste tested and approved by B.B.Q. Sauce of the Month Club.
13 ounce jar.
$6.95 SOLD OUT $0.00
House Rub
If Cahoots has a secret ingredient, this seasoning blend could well be it. Adds zip to just about everything. Pure spices - no MSG, sugar or fillers. Taste tested and approved by B.B.Q. Sauce of the Month Club. An excellent value for 11.2 ounce jar.
$8.50 $0.00
Cahoots Too Cookbook
The Cahoots Too cookbook is a full-color publication has over 80 recipes of starters, entrees, sides and desserts.In addition, this new cookbook includes the secrets behind such popular Cahoots favorites as “Thai Chicken Salad, and Chipotle Mayonnaise”
$26.95 $0.00
Cahoots Cookbook
This beautiful, 172 page, full color, soft cover book contains over 80 of Cahoots Catering Company’s most requested recipes, helpful hints and wine-pairing suggestions.
$24.95 $0.00
Cahoots Cookbook Bundle
This is a great deal! For a limited time, you will recieve both cookbooks, along with a free jar of Cahoots House Rub! A great value.
$49.95 $0.00
Cahoots Gift Pack
Great for Gift Giving! The Cahoots Gift Crate contains all 5 of our culinary products described above. Shrink wrapped and decorated with a seasonal bow.
$39.95 SOLD OUT $0.00
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