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34% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Franc, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Petite Verdot. Blending is a challenge, but when done right it’s truly an art. These very similar but decidedly different grapes certainly play well together. The ‘come hither’ in the nose is hard to tease apart but we find a dark brooding quality that combines worn Mercedes leather with brown spices and a touch of sultry lipstick. There is an overall hint of a fine antique polished to a rich sheen. Now taste it. Complete in the mouth it ends with a beautiful balance that lingers long and lovingly on the palate. 39 cases remaining 100 cases produced.
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Rich and unusually full-bodied, this Tempranillo is very characteristic of this noble grape from Spain. Lovely cherry is intermingled with a bit of clove, an indefinable earthiness that could be tobacco. And the tannins, strong, yet soft are aching to be paired with tomato sauces, Mexican cuisine or, of course, paella. Here we have the result of a very low yield crop year bringing robust flavor and aromatics to a grape not always known for intensity. This one you can cellar for a while, but I’m not sure you’ll want to. I taste as I write these notes and I can tell you, there is something like a caress in the long, long finish 25 cases remaining 100 cases produced.
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You may remember that Terrestris is our Bordeaux blend. But this time around there’s no lush Merlot in it. Primarily Cabernet Franc complemented by Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot, it has a backbone that will make it an excellent ager. Though why you would want to age it we’re not quite sure. It is a stunner in its youthful pride, wearing an aggressive new French oak barrel program with stylish finesse. This wine, out of the chute, is a beauty. To tease out aroma and flavor is always a challenge, but we’re going for new Ferragamo shoe leather freshly polished, the woods - lovely dark and deep - as well as alluring field gown tobacco drying in the sun. The finish whispers gently, “please don’t rush, let me linger on your palate just a little longer.” 42 cases remaining 100 cases produced.
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First, you MUST give this wine an energetic swirl. Be quick to stick your nose right down to the surface and you will be rewarded. Aromas of everything you love about cabernet sauvignon will render you speechless. Think chocolate to tobacco to saddle and cedar. You don’t need to tease it all apart, but you will fall in love. This wine has finesse in the mouth that will astonish you. If you have the time, allow your flavor receptors the luxury of time. Try not to hurry on to the next bite or even the next sip of wine. Just live in the moment. LIMIT - 4 bottles per order 13 cases produced. New Release
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Twice as much wine as in the standard 750 mL bottles. These are magnums, 1.5L! LIMIT - 2 bottles per order 4 6-bottle cases produced. New Release
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Put this wine to your lips and it will whisper softly, “Come weeth me to ze Casbah. . . . .” Okay, so those lines were never whispered by Charles Boyer to Hedy Lamarr in Algiers, but that hardly matters. What matters is that this exotic GSM will capture your imagination and your heart. It will turn you into a true romantic from the first whiff of the heady smoky, blueberry nose and keep you imprisoned in a flight of fancy as it dances in your mouth. Let it linger there a bit; then experience grippy tannins on the finish. This 40/40/20 blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre is a perfect barbecue wine. It’s also great to have when inviting someone to go with you to the Casbah. 40 cases remaining 125 cases produced.
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Summertime, and the lively is easy – especially if you have a glass of this perfectly balanced lovely wine in hand. It’s Starr Ranch Grenache, so you’ll detect trademark strawberries lavishly interwoven with an aroma of our good earth. Add a liberal sprinkling of white pepper spice and it speaks the language of easy living. Summer on the deck or winter by the fireside, this wine wraps it arms around you, holds you close and whispers ‘more.’ 25 cases produced. New Release
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Few wineries can afford to barrel wines for over two years. Because we march to the tune of our own drummer, we can. The merits of this approach are front and center in this wine characterized by deep dark fruit, mellowed by the beauty of time. The blackberries and black currants dominate the nose, but be sure to swirl it in your mouth to maximize the long, exquisite finish that will win your heart. A perfectly balanced wine with not a sharp edge to be found is a thing of lasting beauty. 25 cases produced. New Release
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"How sweet it is. . . " An appropriate quote as it suggests not sweet as in cloying but sweet as in delightful, pleasing. This late harvest Viognier is the ideal finish to a lovely dinner. Silky pear, peach will bring a sigh of contentment. Low in alcohol, lightly sweet and brightly balanced this wine is an exclamation point in a fine dining experience. Give it dessert, or not, your choice. 12 cases remaining 90 cases produced.
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2019 crop is ready and they are mighty delectable! Every year we marvel at how delicious our dried persimmons are. Try them as a cracker with a little goat cheese and a sprig of dill. Yum. As always our organic fruit is individually selected, carefully sliced and slowly air-dried to produce nutritious delicious and beautiful snack food. An excellent source of vitamin A and potassium these sweet, vibrant fruits will also supply an abundance of beta-carotene and calcium. Dried fruit is packaged in 1/2 lb. bags.
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